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How Bentley earned his name

Two brothers W.O. and H.M. Bentley bought the soon to become Bentley and Bentley Company of a French automobile company. The company manufactured airplane engines during the First World War and in 1919 it became Bentley Motors and introduced the first flying B badge in the 1920 Bentley, a test car. In a visit to a French automaker, WO Bentley, in 1919, he made the decision to use aluminum instead of cast iron for the pistons of the engine, due to its lightweight.

The French automobile race LeMans and other automobile events became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike today’s races, the sport was new and the safety rules, helmets and fire suits that are used today They were not mandatory. The builders of these early race cars focused on making cars faster and designing engines that were high performance, fast and furious on the track. Due to funding problems, Bentley Motors was bought by a small group of wealthy British motorcyclists, known as the “Bentley Boys”. The collective plan of this group was to maintain the performance standards of the race cars, which led them to win four LeMans of 24 consecutive hours.

Due to poor financial skills, and despite the fact that Bentley’s cars were beautiful and quality, the ownership of the company changed hands in 1931. The years of Rolls Royce ownership have been called “the blackest of all ” WO was demoted to a less powerful position and, finally, the Rolls Royce and Bentley’s were produced side by side. The Bentley became a lower-priced version of the Rolls Royce without the distinctive grille. WO had left the company in 1935, died in 1971. The problems of Bentley’s parent company, Rolls Royce, caused a significant drop in sales. Under Rolls Royce, eventually, Bentley’s went to another company, Vickers, under which the high standards of performance of its past were resurrected. In 1986, the Bentley had regained its high-quality status in the automotive sports arena.

Bentley’s distinctive design, hand-made luxury and signature performance, combined with performance standards and history, make possessing a Bentley an extremely unique experience. Dealers and dealers do not have to sell you a Bentley, you will look for your product and, unfortunately, you can end up on a waiting list. The demand has far exceeded the production rate of this vehicle built with passion. Generations of workers work in Bentley’s production facilities and his passion for performance drives his dedication. Whether the personal owner drives or the defensive driving is his intention when buying a Bentley, power is the defining characteristic of all Bentley. Visit a Bentley dealer for a driving experience that will take you from maximum relaxation to maximum excitement.

Used Bentley – what to buy one could do for you

Since its inception in 1919, Bentley has almost always been associated with quality engineering and pure luxury. Of course, with high-specification vehicles come the high-priced labels, but this in itself is another reason why Bentley has become a timeless manufacturer: footballers, movie stars and entrepreneurs strive to be seen in one of Bentley’s state symbols. If you are thinking of buying a Bentley, it is perfectly normal to get excited and go to your nearest showroom. But before signing the dotted line, why not check out the showroom and see what a used Bentley can do for you?

Buying a used car, especially a used Bentley is not a cup of tea for everyone. But if you do not care that a car has been owned by another person for a period of time, then the rewards could simply be incredible. Take Bentley’s Continental GT. A class-leading Grand Tourer, its superb looks and amazing engineering have made it one of Bentley’s most successful models. Elton John has one, Gordon Ramsey has one, David Beckham has one and countless other footballers have followed him. If you see a Bentley on the highway, it’s probably one of these.

Brand new, a standard Continental GT would cost you £ 110,000. But, of course, it’s a Bentley, so the list of possible modifications is as long as your wallet is deep. But how much would you be looking at the expense to get one of these icons used? You could land a Continental GT ’09 with 700 miles on the clock for around £ 99,000. Increase the mileage to around 4,000 miles and the price will drop to around £ 90,000-95,000. Not bad for a modern icon, right?

However, if you’re not someone who follows a trend, check out Bentley’s Azure. The design itself has been around for almost a decade, but today’s Azure is a 6.8-liter beast of modern engineering. Brand new, one of these would cost you 200,000 pounds for the salon, or about 220,000 pounds for the convertible coupe. Expensive things, but how much would you spend to get behind the wheel of this fancy luxury monolith?

Surprisingly, a budget of £ 200,000 could get you a 2009 Azure convertible with only 180 miles on the clock. £ 175,000 will give you a 2008 Azure Lounge with 4,000 miles on the clock, and a humble £ 119,000 will give you a 2006 Azure Lounge with 20,000 miles on the clock. Of course, the 6.8-liter turbocharged monster under the hood must be well maintained to keep it at its best, in addition to incurring other costs. But if you’re looking to bag an absolute icon for less than the showroom, why not buy a used Bentley?

Is Bentley the best car today?

The Bentley is without doubt one of the best cars available on the market today, but is it the best? What makes it stand out from the crowd? What makes the car so coveted?


The design of the exterior is so elegant and well executed that it seems something of the future. The curves of the body combined with its slim aerodynamics from the front bumper to the rear license plate, all work in harmony to create a car that can cut the wind with great ease.


The engines of these cars have more than enough power to meet their needs. Bentley are seen as big cars with some models that offer a V8 engine that offers the ability to increase speed at an impressive rate. The handling makes driving a pleasure and very little turns out to be a challenge to maneuver, even at some of the most impressive speeds. Many people who drive the Bentley do not do so because of their ability to reach maximum speeds and provide quick maneuvers, but more for the level of luxury and style for which the car is famous.


The car is luxury if nothing else. An elegant and extremely comfortable trip that will allow you to believe that you are not even moving, let alone traveling at the speeds you are capable of. A well-designed interior that can deal with any of your requirements and some that you have not yet thought about.

Who drives one?

It’s not just the Bentley’s design that suggests luxury and a great quality of life, but the people who drive it have given the car a glimpse into the glitz and glamor of celebrities. Many soccer stars and television presenters own and drive these elegant cars. David Beckham and Sir Alan Sugar are among some of these high-profile celebrities that can often be seen in their Bentley.

Without having to go into too many details, you can clearly see why the Bentley is a car much sought after by the rich and famous. These are not cheap vehicles in any way, but if you had a lot of money you would want the best things in life.

Bentley Convertible – The Bentley Arnage

Since its inception in 1919, Bentley Motors Limited has been committed to producing luxury cars that will be among the best and fastest built. Almost eighty years later, a new addition, the Bentley Arnage, brought such praise to the brand that, to this day, still stands.

The Bentley Arnage was in production between 1998 and 2009 and was unveiled at the same time as the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. It had been almost two decades since we saw new designs from both brands and the reception was surprisingly phenomenal. Bentley had been enjoying a long history of prestige and with the Arnage, he further consolidated his brand in the automotive industry. Measuring more than five meters in length and two meters in width, the Arnage originally weighed around 2.5 metric tons and housed the BMW V8 4.4-liter, double turbo engine recently used.

A year later, however, Volkswagen instigated an undesirable acquisition of Rolls-Royce and Bentley convertible. One of the immediate changes implemented by VW was to replace the existing Arnage V8 with the old 16-valve Bentley Turbo R engine. The resulting configuration became known as the Arnage Red Label.

Almost instantaneously after said event, it was considered that the automobile could not meet the emission standards required by the government at that time. In an effort to save Bentley’s reputation, the Arnage was equipped with a stiffer casing and larger brakes to accommodate the replacement engine. These and other modifications paved the way for the Arnage Green Label, which continuously made improvement efforts that led to the creation of a more efficient and reliable car.

The red label finally reverted to the original BMW V8 engine, a long wheelbase version that was produced in 2001. This became the Arnage RL, which mainly featured a more spacious interior rear. This series completely restored all damage to the reputation of the Arnage that were caused by setbacks in the alterations made in the creation of the Red Label years before. Specific customer customizations for some RLs, such as armor protection, increased their value to $ 300,000 for a single car.

Other updates to the Red Label resulted in the release of Arnage R and Arnage T in 2002. Six years later, in what was to be Arnage’s last production year, more modifications were introduced. It was not until August 2009 that the replacement of Arnage, the new Bentley Mulsanne, became known to the public.