How Bentley earned his name

Two brothers W.O. and H.M. Bentley bought the soon to become Bentley and Bentley Company of a French automobile company. The company manufactured airplane engines during the First World War and in 1919 it became Bentley Motors and introduced the first flying B badge in the 1920 Bentley, a test car. In a visit to a French automaker, WO Bentley, in 1919, he made the decision to use aluminum instead of cast iron for the pistons of the engine, due to its lightweight.

The French automobile race LeMans and other automobile events became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike today’s races, the sport was new and the safety rules, helmets and fire suits that are used today They were not mandatory. The builders of these early race cars focused on making cars faster and designing engines that were high performance, fast and furious on the track. Due to funding problems, Bentley Motors was bought by a small group of wealthy British motorcyclists, known as the “Bentley Boys”. The collective plan of this group was to maintain the performance standards of the race cars, which led them to win four LeMans of 24 consecutive hours.

Due to poor financial skills, and despite the fact that Bentley’s cars were beautiful and quality, the ownership of the company changed hands in 1931. The years of Rolls Royce ownership have been called “the blackest of all ” WO was demoted to a less powerful position and, finally, the Rolls Royce and Bentley’s were produced side by side. The Bentley became a lower-priced version of the Rolls Royce without the distinctive grille. WO had left the company in 1935, died in 1971. The problems of Bentley’s parent company, Rolls Royce, caused a significant drop in sales. Under Rolls Royce, eventually, Bentley’s went to another company, Vickers, under which the high standards of performance of its past were resurrected. In 1986, the Bentley had regained its high-quality status in the automotive sports arena.

Bentley’s distinctive design, hand-made luxury and signature performance, combined with performance standards and history, make possessing a Bentley an extremely unique experience. Dealers and dealers do not have to sell you a Bentley, you will look for your product and, unfortunately, you can end up on a waiting list. The demand has far exceeded the production rate of this vehicle built with passion. Generations of workers work in Bentley’s production facilities and his passion for performance drives his dedication. Whether the personal owner drives or the defensive driving is his intention when buying a Bentley, power is the defining characteristic of all Bentley. Visit a Bentley dealer for a driving experience that will take you from maximum relaxation to maximum excitement.

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