Is Bentley the best car today?

The Bentley is without doubt one of the best cars available on the market today, but is it the best? What makes it stand out from the crowd? What makes the car so coveted?


The design of the exterior is so elegant and well executed that it seems something of the future. The curves of the body combined with its slim aerodynamics from the front bumper to the rear license plate, all work in harmony to create a car that can cut the wind with great ease.


The engines of these cars have more than enough power to meet their needs. Bentley are seen as big cars with some models that offer a V8 engine that offers the ability to increase speed at an impressive rate. The handling makes driving a pleasure and very little turns out to be a challenge to maneuver, even at some of the most impressive speeds. Many people who drive the Bentley do not do so because of their ability to reach maximum speeds and provide quick maneuvers, but more for the level of luxury and style for which the car is famous.


The car is luxury if nothing else. An elegant and extremely comfortable trip that will allow you to believe that you are not even moving, let alone traveling at the speeds you are capable of. A well-designed interior that can deal with any of your requirements and some that you have not yet thought about.

Who drives one?

It’s not just the Bentley’s design that suggests luxury and a great quality of life, but the people who drive it have given the car a glimpse into the glitz and glamor of celebrities. Many soccer stars and television presenters own and drive these elegant cars. David Beckham and Sir Alan Sugar are among some of these high-profile celebrities that can often be seen in their Bentley.

Without having to go into too many details, you can clearly see why the Bentley is a car much sought after by the rich and famous. These are not cheap vehicles in any way, but if you had a lot of money you would want the best things in life.

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