Used Bentley – what to buy one could do for you

Since its inception in 1919, Bentley has almost always been associated with quality engineering and pure luxury. Of course, with high-specification vehicles come the high-priced labels, but this in itself is another reason why Bentley has become a timeless manufacturer: footballers, movie stars and entrepreneurs strive to be seen in one of Bentley’s state symbols. If you are thinking of buying a Bentley, it is perfectly normal to get excited and go to your nearest showroom. But before signing the dotted line, why not check out the showroom and see what a used Bentley can do for you?

Buying a used car, especially a used Bentley is not a cup of tea for everyone. But if you do not care that a car has been owned by another person for a period of time, then the rewards could simply be incredible. Take Bentley’s Continental GT. A class-leading Grand Tourer, its superb looks and amazing engineering have made it one of Bentley’s most successful models. Elton John has one, Gordon Ramsey has one, David Beckham has one and countless other footballers have followed him. If you see a Bentley on the highway, it’s probably one of these.

Brand new, a standard Continental GT would cost you £ 110,000. But, of course, it’s a Bentley, so the list of possible modifications is as long as your wallet is deep. But how much would you be looking at the expense to get one of these icons used? You could land a Continental GT ’09 with 700 miles on the clock for around £ 99,000. Increase the mileage to around 4,000 miles and the price will drop to around £ 90,000-95,000. Not bad for a modern icon, right?

However, if you’re not someone who follows a trend, check out Bentley’s Azure. The design itself has been around for almost a decade, but today’s Azure is a 6.8-liter beast of modern engineering. Brand new, one of these would cost you 200,000 pounds for the salon, or about 220,000 pounds for the convertible coupe. Expensive things, but how much would you spend to get behind the wheel of this fancy luxury monolith?

Surprisingly, a budget of £ 200,000 could get you a 2009 Azure convertible with only 180 miles on the clock. £ 175,000 will give you a 2008 Azure Lounge with 4,000 miles on the clock, and a humble £ 119,000 will give you a 2006 Azure Lounge with 20,000 miles on the clock. Of course, the 6.8-liter turbocharged monster under the hood must be well maintained to keep it at its best, in addition to incurring other costs. But if you’re looking to bag an absolute icon for less than the showroom, why not buy a used Bentley?

Number plates for Bentleys

As a general rule, most of the valuable and prestigious license plates that you see on the road today will appear in expensive and prestigious cars. This is true for most Bentley and Rolls Royce cars. Most exclusive Bentley records are, in fact, about Bentley cars rather than cars owned by Mr. Bentley, and as such, can be quite expensive.

In recent years, with the introduction of the Bentley Continental GT, more car registration numbers for Bentley have been sold than those of any other prestigious automaker. This is an incredible fact if you consider that these cars cost, on average, five times as much as your average car. Interestingly, Rolls Royce owners are less likely to buy private license plates, which is unusual, although, in fact, some of the most valuable plates appear on Rolls Royce cars.

When you see a Bentley car, as a rule, most of them will have prized license plates. Bentley’s prized license plates are popular because whenever you take care of a Bentley, it should last a lifetime. Therefore, a private registration is an excellent way to disguise a 4 or 5 year Bentley to be seen as a new model. In fact, more than 70% of all Bentley cars built are still on the road. This is because the attention to detail is so intense. It takes 150 hours to manufacture a Continental GT by hand and even more for a Bentley Arnarge with 4 doors. So it’s easy to see why people buy license plates for these cars.

There are some fairly specific license plates for Bentley recently announced for sale. They are BEN 71Y and BE11 TLY. Both plates look like the word Bentley and would look fantastic on the back of a “GT” or “Flying Spur” model. Another large registration number is RNA 46E, which would be adapted to a Bentley Arnarge model. The only drawback of these plates are the prices and the age restrictions, since they have no date, nor are they appreciated, as is sometimes referred to. This means that they can not be used on vehicles older than what is described on the plate. So it’s not good for vintage models.

The record number 1 WO is probably one of the most famous personalized number plates. It is used in all promotional advertising for the car manufacturer and is used in memory of Mr. WOBentley, the founder and creator of the luxury car brand, however, it is not known if the license plate is actually owned by the car manufacturer. or simply used. with the permission of the true owner.

Advice for victims of license plate theft

Theft of car license plates seems at first sight a schoolboy joke. After all, why steal a number plate? Surely it is only the children who carry out an apparently useless act of vandalism and theft? Well, no, it’s actually much more serious than you think, and it could leave you with a multitude of problems if that stolen license plate is placed in another vehicle that is used in criminal activity. So, if your license plates have been stolen, what should you do?

Tell the police

The first thing to do if you suspect your license plate has been stolen is to notify the police. It is an act of theft, and your report guarantees that the authorities are notified in case your registration is recorded at the scene of a crime. That could be something as seemingly innocuous as getting away from a gas station without paying or something much more serious. You must also immediately notify the Driver’s Vehicle Registration and Authorization Authority (DVLA) of the theft so that any report of stolen vehicles or vehicles involved in criminal activity can be compared to your report and your name will be discarded in any investigation.

However, do not expect it to be an easy trip. If your license plates are placed in another car, the authorities should check with you their movements, if the car is in fact yours or even if you have an alibi for a particular time or place. Unfortunately, the burden of proof will be on you, but there are ways to protect yourself. Photographic evidence, particularly from speed cameras or the registration of the tax disc of the suspect vehicle in the case of NCP (Penalty Notices) will quickly confirm that the registered vehicle is not yours, and a photo of your tax disc is conclusive proof of his innocence. You can also make sure that your car is easily identifiable by having a distinctive sticker in a window, for example.

Not only physical theft …

But the problem is not limited to stealing the license plates of cars. License plates can also be ‘cloned’, which is becoming a much more common problem. While the authorities try to prevent cloning incidents by making sure that to buy a new license plate, you must present the registration documents of the vehicle to the supplier, replicating a fake license plate is still a relatively simple process for certain offenders. If you receive speeding tickets, penalty notices or, if you live in London, Congestion notices, you must immediately notify the authorities in writing that you suspect that your license plates have been cloned.

If you have had the bad luck of having your license plates stolen, keep a detailed diary of your trips for a while. That way, you can determine your innocence more easily and could also help the police to make a pattern of the suspicious vehicle movements from your information.

All license plates are at risk, including custom license plates. Another good way to avoid the theft of your car’s license plates in the first place is to attach them to the vehicle with a special theft prevention system or with anti-tamper screws. They are available online and at specialized car dealerships, so if you are worried that your license plates are at risk, stop thieves before they hit and make sure your license plates are secure. Of course, this will not protect you against the possibility of cloning, but it will prevent opportunistic thieves from physically removing your license plates.

Finally, you can request that DVLA delete the registration completely and buy a new record for your car. Rejecting the stolen number may mean that a police vehicle equipped with ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) traps a cloner or thief who uses the plates. But this is a costly option and not one that those who have paid for personalized license plates will be willing to do so. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the theft or suspicion of cloning has been reported to the authorities as soon as you become aware of the situation. The faster you act, the faster you can prevent a small inconvenience from becoming a major problem.

Making Bentley Car Lease and Bentley Contract Hire easy

If you are in the market and are looking for a Bentley car lease as your next purchase, let us recommend that you return to your home, as you will find rough deals when you jump out the door of one car lease provider to another. Tiring your mind and your feet. We suggest you take a U-turn and return home and look for Bentley car rental providers from the comfort of your own studio.

You wonder how, well, the internet has not left a stone unturned to bring comfort to our homes. With the ability to pay all bills online and find all the information you need at the click of a button, the Internet has indeed been a blessing for humanity. The best Bentley car leasing providers are also available online and if you are looking for the best in the business, you should look for websites that offer a list of car lease providers in the area.

The good thing about these websites is that they will not have any car rental provider. They will choose the best, perform a search in the background and only show those that are worth the space on their websites. So you can be sure of authenticity and confidentiality.

Most of these websites allow you to complete your Bentley car lease process in a matter of minutes. But it is an important decision for you and you must be very careful with all the details. So take a little more time when analyzing the information, but it will still be much less than your search for suppliers on foot.

All you have to do is fill in the information about the specific Bentley you are looking for, make, model, year, etc. Then you will be provided with a list of providers in the area that provide leasing services. Request multiple quotes, it is absolutely essential that you request multiple quotes from multiple providers. Compare them at the end, read the fine print very carefully and just choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you do not want to rent but are looking for a good contract with Bentley Contract, these websites are perfectly capable of also offering you information about Bentley Contract suppliers. No matter which city you are in, just make sure you want to use this service if you are visiting New York for a major business trip and want to sail in a Bentley, request a Bentley rental contract and your wish will be granted.

Ask your secretary not to waste your time, looking for time-consuming options when you can question on the Internet a variety of information related to all your needs. The process is really fast, efficient and easy. Now all that remains is to tour the city in your beloved Bentley, make sure you enjoy your trip knowing that you got the best offer.

Decide the number of plates to buy for your vehicle

Although obtaining personalized license plates was considered a luxury some years ago, it is not an expensive option these days. When it comes to obtaining them for your vehicle, the owners have several options. Today, most vehicle owners are opting for just one to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd of vehicles or to define their lifestyles. Some styles used by vehicle owners are related to their nicknames or names, profession or work, the label of their sports team’s favorite sports or their favorite players, the model label of their cars, the names of their pets, etc. as a means. to make them interesting.

Among the different styles, the first name of the owner is part of the majority of the personalized license plates. The owner must be somewhat creative when it comes to the selection of numbers or alphabets, since some of the common names are already purchased and, even if they are available, will cost more. For example, plates with names like Mark, John and David, which are fairly common names, will cost very high costs compared to plates with some unusual names. Due to this difficulty in obtaining some alphabets, the best option available is to opt for abbreviated names, which are relatively affordable compared to full forms.

For people looking for more affordable options, they can opt for plates that simply denote their initials and not the full name or even abbreviations. However, here also some sets of initials can be more expensive. Even people are opting for dishes that represent their professional as the Law and these are also an affordable option. But, if a person is more particular to full name, he should be willing to pay more for the same.

Some of the drivers are also opting for personalized license plates with the names of their pets, while others opt for the model number or alphabets of their vehicle and there are also people interested in using their numbers related to the horoscope on their plates and if they are infrequent, they will cost less for the buyer. While some people choose dishes at an affordable cost, others opt for higher costs mainly to show that they can afford large expenses for their friends and family.

Regardless of the purpose of the buyer, there are companies that offer the possibility of buying custom license plates for cars that they want their customers and, since these companies have an up-to-date database of all the numbers or digits that have already been purchased, it will be easier for the buyers. owner to find out if the number for which they are opting has already been purchased.

Seniors and loss of driver’s license

One of the greatest successes in the psyche of an older person is the loss of a driver’s license. This is because having a driver’s license and a car gives us a sense of freedom, freedom to come and go as we please. Even if we do not go anywhere, knowing that we can is enough. Imagine if you lost your driver’s license? How would you deal with that? This is how an older person feels, only that it is worse because they know that they may never recover it. This thought can lead to depression, anger and a devastating blow to self-confidence, self-esteem and identity.

When hiring a caregiver, make sure they know that when they drive the client’s car, the loss of the driver’s license is not as important as if they felt stuck, unable to leave or go anywhere. After a while, older people feel comfortable, happy, even animated in their conversations, enjoying being driven or “drivers”, as they like to say.

An acquaintance of mine in Camarillo who collaborated with me to write this article has a tragic history. Years ago, her grandmother retired from the parking lot of the community pool. He stopped right in front of a garbage truck and died instantly. The driver of the dump truck was so distraught that he went to the funeral to apologize. The family forgave him as he cried saying he was sorry he had done it, even though everyone knew it was not his fault.

A friend of his removed the keys to his father because, while driving together, the father stopped in the middle of the highway to point something out on a mountain, forgetting that he was driving on the highway and almost killed them both, and another brother. he was devastated, he lost the use of the car, probably saved his life and lived another 10 years to see his grandchildren finish university.

We know of as many stories as you are, but sometimes the DMV or the court does not withdraw the license until a horrible accident or many moving infractions occur. There are too many stories of older people accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the brake and running into a building, ditch, pole or pedestrian.

This tends to work well for all concerned. And, always remember to treat this sensitive topic with great care and understanding.

Is Bentley the best car today?

The Bentley is without doubt one of the best cars available on the market today, but is it the best? What makes it stand out from the crowd? What makes the car so coveted?


The design of the exterior is so elegant and well executed that it seems something of the future. The curves of the body combined with its slim aerodynamics from the front bumper to the rear license plate, all work in harmony to create a car that can cut the wind with great ease.


The engines of these cars have more than enough power to meet their needs. Bentley are seen as big cars with some models that offer a V8 engine that offers the ability to increase speed at an impressive rate. The handling makes driving a pleasure and very little turns out to be a challenge to maneuver, even at some of the most impressive speeds. Many people who drive the Bentley do not do so because of their ability to reach maximum speeds and provide quick maneuvers, but more for the level of luxury and style for which the car is famous.


The car is luxury if nothing else. An elegant and extremely comfortable trip that will allow you to believe that you are not even moving, let alone traveling at the speeds you are capable of. A well-designed interior that can deal with any of your requirements and some that you have not yet thought about.

Who drives one?

It’s not just the Bentley’s design that suggests luxury and a great quality of life, but the people who drive it have given the car a glimpse into the glitz and glamor of celebrities. Many soccer stars and television presenters own and drive these elegant cars. David Beckham and Sir Alan Sugar are among some of these high-profile celebrities that can often be seen in their Bentley.

Without having to go into too many details, you can clearly see why the Bentley is a car much sought after by the rich and famous. These are not cheap vehicles in any way, but if you had a lot of money you would want the best things in life.